Hard Goods

Nice Selection - High Quality - Various Sizes


 Potting Soil

Circle H Growers has potting soil available. From small to large bags ready for you to use - indoors or out.



We carry Missoula, Montana based, EKO Compost. It's formulated for vegetable and flower gardens, lawns, trees, shrubs and landscaping. Used by professionals, it promotes vigorous root growth and increases water infiltration. Organic and ready to use.



Beautify your landscaping areas naturally with Western mulches.  We offer bark nuggets and shreded red cedar mulch. Mulches are made to fit any landscaper's style.




Just like pets and people, your plants need nutrition as well. We carry several varieties of fertilizers. From organic to time-released.



 Containers & Pots

If you need containers, pots or seed flats and inserts, Circle H Growers has a good selection in stock at all times. You can even order online! Just click on the Catalog link at the top of the page to see what's available.



 Garden Art & Hard Goods

There's so much more garden hard goods available that we can't carry it all. However, Circle H Growers does carry garden art items and other hardgoods, such as garden gloves for you to purchase. You never know what we might have - so you have to stop by and see.